Average price calculator

The simple and advanced position average calculator can help you quickly find the entry and exit points
Step, support order
Order size
Buy/sell price
The purchase/sale price of a specific level. It is calculated very simply: the volume is multiplied by the price.
Average price
The average purchase/sale price of the entire volume.
Total amount
Total (final) bought/sold amount.
Total cost
Total spent.
Average amount
Average order size.

How it works

The stock and cryptocurrency average calculator helps you quickly find the average price.

Suitable for calculating the average price for most financial instruments.

You can calculate for positions in both directions: long and short.

  1. Enter the volume of each trade in the first column
  2. Enter the price of trades in the second column
  3. The calculator will automatically calculate the average price and other useful indicators

If necessary, you can add additional levels or remove unnecessary ones.

If you have any difficulties — each field has a detailed description if you hover over the question mark ().

No need to calculate anything!
Stratum-bot will trade automatically — open, close trades and average when necessary.