Advanced price average calculator

The advanced position averaging calculator can help you quickly find entry and exit points with a specified profit
The direction of the position (LONG - buy cheap, sell more expensive, profit on price growth; SHORT - sell more expensive, buy back cheaper, profit on price fall).
Number of levels
The number of levels (safety orders, steps). The number of orders to average.
Amount of the first order
The size of the first order to be averaged.
Price of the first order
The price of the first order to be averaged.
Amount coefficient
Order size multiplier. The volume of the next step will be multiplied by this value.
Price step
The total value of all executed orders up to this level (including this level).
Set the value if you want to calculate an exit point with a profit equal to the specified profit percentage.
The amount of fee in percent for one trade.
The number of digits after the dot. Usually equals 8 for crypto and 2 for stocks.
Step, support order
Order size
Buy/sell price
The purchase/sale price of a specific level. It is calculated very simply: the volume is multiplied by the price.
Exit price
The price at which you have to close the position to get the specified profit, if the order of this level is filled.
Average price
The average price of all executed orders up to this level (including this level).
Total amount
The total volume of all executed orders (including this level).
Total cost
The total amount of all executed orders up to this level (including this level).
1 0 0 00000
2 0 0 00000

How it works

The stock and cryptocurrency average calculator helps you quickly find the average price, entry and exit points, taking into account the specified percent of the profit.

Suitable for calculating the average price for most financial instruments.

You can calculate for positions in both directions: long and short.

  1. Select the position direction LONG or SHORT.
  2. Enter the number of levels (including the very first order).
  3. Enter the size of the first order.
  4. Enter the price of the first order.
  5. Specify the coefficient by which the order size should be multiplied; if orders should be of the same level, leave one; for martingale, the coefficient is usually equal to two.
  6. Specify the price step — the distance between orders; indicated as a percentage of the price of the first order.
  7. Enter the percentage of profit to calculate the exit point.
  8. Enter the fee per trade to include commission costs when calculating profits.
  9. Enter the accuracy of the calculations. For cryptocurrencies, this is 8 or 12, for stocks it is usually 2 or 3.
  10. The calculator will automatically calculate the average price and other useful indicators for each level and display them in a table.

If you have any difficulties — each field has a detailed description if you hover over the question mark ().

No need to calculate anything!
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