Stratum-bot — a professional tool
for automated trading

Won't miss a single opportunity on the market

Why Stratum-bot?

One of the important features of Stratum-bot
is the maximum simplification of the use of complex algorithms.
Many strategies
3 flexible algorithms allow you to create many diverse and complex trading strategies.
Calculates hundreds of parameters in seconds. Outbids the price of competitive orders in the DOM. No trader will be able to compete with the speed of the bot.
Filters and indicators
With filters and technical indicators, the bot can automatically determine the best entry point.
A powerful and flexible averaging tool that will hedge against a price drop. Fine tuning of each step is possible.
Work with several or even dozens of pairs at the same time with individual settings.
Strategy keeper
Save your settings, strategies and quickly access it.
No one except you has access to the exchange account. API keys are stored encrypted on your computer.
Big loss insurance. You can specify as a percentage or at a specific price. It is possible to set a timeout before triggering.
Back trailing
With a low density of the DOM, the bot will take advantage of any opportunity to buy cheaper and earn more.
Small competitors
Some orders do not affect the situation in any way, and they can simply be ignored.
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ExchangesBinance Spot, Binance Futures
AlgorithmsScalping, Classic Long, Classic Short
Multithreading20 threads
Filters and indicators27+ (list)
Statistics in a personal account+
Telegram notifications+
Additional toolsDOM Expert
You can get the software in your account after a quick registration