Why is Stratum-bot better than other bots?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since the preferences of one trader often differ from those of another.

However, Stratum-bot is notable for several things:

- There are no hard-set strategies in the bot. Instead, there are several flexible algorithms that can be customized to suit your trading strategy using a wide range of tools such as Filters & Indicators, DCA, Trailing Profit, and many more. This opens up space for maneuverability and more careful adaptation of trading strategies to today's market realities.

- Bot tools offer flexibility. When implementing any function, the possible interests of traders are taken into account, which often differs. Therefore, starting from the settings of the bot's behavior in specific trading situations (for example, what to do if a BUY order was executed on a small volume, but the price went up), ending with fine-tuning of each of the filters for each of the DCA steps.

- Easy use of complex algorithms. One of the bot's most important features is providing the most convenient, understandable, and simple way of working with complex algorithms and tools.