How to get the bot? How to pay for a license?

In order to get the bot, you first need to go through a quick registration on the website.

Then create an order for a new license in your personal account and make a payment.

The license will be automatically issued in your account after payment.

After that, you can download the bot and activate it with the appropriate license.

You can read more about this process in the documentation.


You can pay for the license in various ways (cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies).

When paying with cryptocurrency, you should not send more / less than the amount requested by the payment service, otherwise the payment will not go through.

When paying with cryptocurrency, special attention should be paid to the network through which the transaction is made. Usually the standard network is used. You should not make payments from exchanges, because in case of problems, refunding is possible to the sending wallet only, and it belongs to the exchange.

If for some reason the payment does not go through, it is possible to send any tokens directly, for this text to the administrator.