Too small spread — what to do?

If the bot writes in the logs "Too small spread ...", this means that now the selected pair does not have a wide enough spread to open trades.

First of all, you should understand what a spread is, why it is needed, get acquainted with the principles of the Scalping algorithm and why the current settings do not allow the bot to open a trade.

Then, with an understanding of the issue, you can decide what to do with it:

Nothing, just wait.. Usually — it is a standard situation. Waiting time is determined individually. What frequency of trades is acceptable for you — once every 10 minutes or several times a day?

Decrease the Min.spread and Opt.spread values ​​in the strategy settings. The smaller the required spread, the more often trades will be opened. Whether this is acceptable for your strategy or not is determined individually.

Change currency pair. Perhaps a wide spread on the selected pair is a very rare occurrence. Check the pair using DOM Expert on the column "Average spread per day (Avg.spread)". Read also How to choose a currency pair.

Change strategy. Do you really need to trade within the spread, or can you use the Classic Long algorithm, which allows you to open trades without relying on the current spread.