How to choose a pair for scalping?

First of all, a scalping pair within a spread must meet the following requirements:

The pair has a wide spread — the spread size should at least cover the commission in both directions (BUY-SELL). For Binance it is 0.15% (BUY 0.075% + SELL 0.075%). Therefore, the spread on the pair should be greater than 0.15%.

There is sufficient trading volume and activity on the pair — the lower these indicators, the longer trades takes time. However, please note that there is a direct correlation between the activity of the pair and the size of the spread. In other words, the more popular the pair is, the smaller the spread. On a pair like BTC/USDT, it is minimal.

Trading Approach

You can read more about choosing a pair based on a trading approach here.


1. A common mistake is choosing a cheap coin (in relation to the base coin). So, if you look at percentages, it may seem that everything is fine and the spread covers the commission, but if this spread in points is 0.00000001 or 0.00000002, then such a pair is unsuitable for classic scalping within the spread.

2. Such popular pairs as BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, etc. are not particularly suitable for classic trading within the spread, because on pairs with such activity, the wide spread is rare.


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