Do I need to use technical indicators? Which ones?

TL;DR: Yes. Those which is checks what is needed.

When building a trading strategy, it should be clearly identified by what principles trades will be opened and closed.

Usually, to open trades, filters or indicators are used that check the current situation on the market and if it meets the conditions for opening a trade, they allow trading.

Without the use of filters and indicators, trades would be opened at any time and in any situation immediately after each other, which is bad.

Therefore, it is desirable to use technical indicators in trading.

But how to determine what indicators are needed?

The answer is quite simple - those indicators that check the conditions necessary for the strategy. And to know which indicators check the necessary conditions, you need to know how they work.

A good way to learn how indicators work is to take a list of the most popular indicators and get to know each one in detail. Moreover, it is important not only to read the description but also to look at the calculation formula that stands behind it and try to implement it yourself, for example, in Excel.

After that, it becomes clear how a particular indicator works and it is easier to choose those that are needed to implement the strategy.