Stratum-bot — an automated trading bot that can help you to get a good and stable result in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Scalping is one of the most popular trading strategies. In order to get a good profit using this strategy, you need an effective tool like our bot, which allows you to make a large number of transactions quickly and automatically.

Setting up and running the bot is as simple as possible - you need to press only two buttons: “Auto-tuning” and “Run”. The bot will automatically track favorable situations, start trading and close deals with a profit.

Average profit: 1-3% per day



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Free from 13$/month
Exchenges YoBit Binance
Strategies Scalping Scalping
Multithreading 1 thread 20 threads
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v0.1.0 11.04.2018
v0.1.1 14.04.2018
v0.1.2 19.04.2018
v0.1.3 29.04.2018
v0.1.4 30.04.2018
v0.1.5 06.05.2018
v0.1.6 test 09.05.2018
v0.1.6 12.05.2018
v0.1.7 25.06.2018
v0.1.8 05.08.2018
v0.1.9 30.09.2018
v0.1.10 27.10.2018
v0.2.0 12.11.2018
v0.2.1 18.11.2018
v0.2.2 21.11.2018
v0.2.3 23.11.2018
v0.2.4 04.12.2018
v0.2.5 04.12.2018
v0.2.6 08.12.2018
v0.2.7 18.12.2018
v0.1.12 29.12.2018